Portable Room Solutions is owned by a Brisbane-based family – mum, dad and two kids – who often get hauled to move rooms from site to site. We’re proud to have 100% used Australian-owned businesses to support the creation and ongoing success of our business.

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No need to build a room

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There’s no need to build a room or hire a builder

Families regularly outgrow the space they have in their home, and often adding another room is considered.

Building an extra room onto your house will cost you anywhere upwards from $30,000 and will take many weeks to complete. Our rooms offer you a fast and easy option if you’re on a budget, don’t have the room or are after a more temporary option.

Three good reasons

Here are three good reasons to consider a portable room rather than building a room onto your home:

Time: Once you source a builder you’re happy with, and they find a space for you in their schedule, and then you wait for council permits, building consents etc – you’re looking at weeks if not weeks before your new room is completed. If you lease a portable room, all you need to do is call us and we’ll deliver and set up to you within a week (pending room availability)

Cost: The cost of hiring a builder to add on a new room is going to far outweigh the reasonable weekly cost of leasing a portable room. Most people are likely to have to re-mortgage their home to add on a room, is that something you’re happy to take on?

No construction zone
: If you build a new room, at least for a few weeks your home will become a construction zone. Portable Room Solutions offers you a quick, easy and clean way to add space to your home.

Rooms for lease
What we do

We lease portable rooms to provide our customers with safe and secure extra space. Delivered to your door and set up to look like an established room on your property – all you need to do is add furniture and make the room your own.

Affordable granny flat/home office option

Adding an extra bedroom or a home office on your property is easy with Portable Room Solutions. Our rooms are perfect for your temporary or permanent accommodation or office needs.

No council permits required

Because our rooms are on wheels, you don’t need expensive building or council permits. Don’t worry we take the tow bar away so your portable room doesn’t look like a trailer or caravan parked in your yard.

What's included?

Full reverse cycle air-conditioner, two power cords (one for power, one for the a/c), fire alarm, fire extinguisher, curtains and blinds, carpet or vinyl, outdoor deck and step.