Portable Room Solutions is owned by a Brisbane-based family – mum, dad and two kids – who often get hauled to move rooms from site to site. We’re proud to have 100% used Australian-owned businesses to support the creation and ongoing success of our business.

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Quality storage space

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Meet your new quality storage space

Whether you’re reclaiming your garage space, or have storage requirements for a business, there’s a lot to be said about having your stored belongings on your own property.

Whether you’re renovating, rebuilding, heading overseas for a few months or just want to be able to park your car in your garage again – portable rooms offer an attractive storage solution that you can keep on your property for security and easy access.

Insulated and secure, a Portable Room Solutions room offers an alternative to storing your belongings offsite.

Selling your home?

If you’re preparing to sell your home, removing some items from your house can be of benefit. ‘Decluttering’ suggests more space to your potential buyers, while removing your personal belongings keeps them out of real estate advertising and away from prying eyes during open homes.

Storing your possessions in a portable room means you can still use them, but they’re not taking up space in your house. And you’re the only one who will have a key to your room, so security is at a premium.

Rebuilding or renovating

If you’re renovating your home, there’s bound to be some time you need to be out of the house during the construction phase. And even if you can remain inside, you’ll no doubt be living amongst a lot of dust and building clutter until the job is finished.

Our portable rooms allow you to remain on your property during your renovation, meaning you can keep a close eye on your property, your pets can remain in their own home and you’ll still have a comfortable place to sleep. There’s even a deck so you can sit outside an watch the daily progress of your new home!

We’ve even had people store two portable rooms, one to store their possessions well away from the construction zone – and one to sleep in.

In most instances, you will not need a building consent as our Portable Rooms are on wheels and as such are classified similar to a caravan, however it’s best to talk with your local council for clarification.

Claim back your garage

Are you one of the many people who keep one of your most valuable assets (your car) outside, and all your other bits and bobs in your garage?

Most of us a guilty of garage clutter, but while your surfboard, Christmas decorations and old school books are safely stored in your garage – the sun and hail are wreaking havoc on your car outside.

There’s a reason why most of us keep our ‘things’ in the garage and not in a storage shed or even in the roof – because we want easy access to them. A Portable Room Solution will allow you to keep all your valued belongings close at hand, in a secure modern unit on your own property – and the life of your vehicle will be extended by parking it back in the garage where it belongs.

What we do

We lease portable rooms to provide our customers with safe and secure extra space. Delivered to your door and set up to look like an established room on your property – all you need to do is add furniture and make the room your own.

Affordable granny flat/home office option

Adding an extra bedroom or a home office on your property is easy with Portable Room Solutions. Our rooms are perfect for your temporary or permanent accommodation or office needs.

You may not need a council permit

Because our rooms are on wheels, some councils don’t require you to have expensive building or council permits. Don’t worry we take the tow bar away so your portable room doesn’t look like a trailer or caravan parked in your yard.

What’s included?

Residential grade reverse cycle air-conditioner, two power cords (one for power, one for the a/c), fire alarm, fire extinguisher, curtains and blinds, carpet or vinyl, outdoor deck and step.