Portable Room Solutions is owned by a Brisbane-based family – mum, dad and two kids – who often get hauled to move rooms from site to site. We’re proud to have 100% used Australian-owned businesses to support the creation and ongoing success of our business.

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Caravan hire

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An alternative to caravan hire

Renting a portable room is simply a more comfortable and stylish option than caravan hire.

Our rooms have a modern, contemporary look and are designed to integrate with your existing home. Parking up a caravan long-term can immediately turn your yard into something reminiscent of a camping ground.

Portable rooms are built to full head height and offer a more authentic ‘room’ feel than a caravan – particularly important if you’re using it as a home or site office.

A blank canvas, with no pokey kitchens, cupboards or bathrooms, you can decorate your portable room as a bedroom, office, study retreat – or any other purpose that suits your needs.

Insulated panels, and a residential-grade reverse-cycle air-conditioner, means our portable rooms are cooler in summer and warmer in winter than a caravan.

Unlike a caravan hire, our rooms feature a deck where you can enjoy a drink as you watch the world go by.

Entry to the portable room is through a full size sliding door, which along with the side window, offers a lot of natural light and airflow, and a welcoming entrance.

Electricity to your portable room is provided through a normal household three pin plug, so there is no need for a caravan plug or adapter.

If you’re considering hiring a caravan as a long-term solution to your space issues – check out one of our portable rooms and see if it fits your needs.

Rooms for lease
What we do

We lease portable rooms to provide our customers with safe and secure extra space. Delivered to your door and set up to look like an established room on your property – all you need to do is add furniture and make the room your own.

Affordable granny flat/home office option

Adding an extra bedroom or a home office on your property is easy with Portable Room Solutions. Our rooms are perfect for your temporary or permanent accommodation or office needs.

You may not need a council permit

Because our rooms are on wheels, some councils don’t require you to have expensive building or council permits. Don’t worry we take the tow bar away so your portable room doesn’t look like a trailer or caravan parked in your yard.

What’s included?

Residential grade reverse cycle air-conditioner, two power cords (one for power, one for the a/c), fire alarm, fire extinguisher, curtains and blinds, carpet or vinyl, outdoor deck and step.