Portable Room Solutions is owned by a Brisbane-based family – mum, dad and two kids – who often get hauled to move rooms from site to site. We’re proud to have 100% used Australian-owned businesses to support the creation and ongoing success of our business.

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Support local – make someone do a happy dance today

At some time or another, we’ve all promised ourselves we’ll do more to support our small community businesses – we’ll shop locally, eat locally, spend locally and enjoy our community more. You’ve been there right?

But then the big brands announce their huge sales and our resolve goes out the window (my two favourite words are half price!).

When we started Portable Room Solutions, we happily boarded the small business train and knew it would be quite the journey. Given we were going to be part of it, we made a commitment to always support local, wherever possible – even if it meant we had to spend a little more than going elsewhere. To date, we don’t believe it’s cost us much more at all (unless of course we bought much cheaper, lesser quality products from overseas).

We’ve met some really great people through our business, and even more by being aware of other small family-owned businesses. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be celebrating our favourite local business on our social media accounts – search Portable Room Solutions on Facebook and Instagram to see where we get our favourite products and best service.

There are many proven benefits of shopping locally and supporting small businesses. Research has shown that independent retailers return more than three times as much money per dollar spent to the community they operate in compared to chain competitors. Independent restaurants return more than twice as much money per dollar of sales than their national chain competitors. That’s something worth thinking about.

When you support a local independent business, you are:

  • Keeping money in your local community
  • Supporting your neighbours
  • Celebrating the uniqueness of your community
  • Supporting local jobs
  • Helping the environment
  • Encouraging community
  • Conserving your tax dollars
  • Benefiting from local expertise
  • Investing in entrepreneurship
  • Making your community a destination

So, while it’s not always the easiest, or most convenient option to visit a local independent business rather than a large national chain store – we can all make small changes to help grow our own communities.

With Christmas coming up, here are few more ideas of how you can support your local community:

  • Try the menu at a local restaurant for lunch or dinner
  • Purchase gifts from local gift shops, or small online businesses
  • Join a local gym rather than a big chain
  • Visit a local nursery or hardware store for your lawn and garden needs
  • Get your car serviced at a local mechanic
  • Visit your local markets to purchase the ingredients for your family meals.

We love the quote that reads ‘when you support a local business, an actual person does a happy dance’. We feel like that every time we get a new contract on one of our rooms. Every single time we feel like our dreams are being realised.

Let’s start a revolution and invest in our own communities. Make someone do a happy dance today!

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